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Yellow Sea

The Yellow Sea is not a very well-known cocktail. It’s perfect for summer-time with its hints of banana and lime, it’s a bit on the strong side, and it’s very drinkable.

Galliano is a complex liqueur, with notes of anise, lavendar and mint, but those flavors are hidden well behind vanilla.

Yellow Sea drink in champagne saucer

Experienced palates may pick them out and appreciate them, but less experienced ones will just pick up on the vanilla, which is fantastic alongside the banana and lime. (If you just can’t stand Galliano, you could leave it out and use two ounces of vanilla vodka.)

Closeup view of Yellow Sea drink in champagne saucer

This is a good cocktail to mix as a big batch recipe in a pitcher for parties.


Shake and strain all your ingredients into a martini glass.