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Whiskey Bomb cocktail recipe

The Whiskey Bomb adds a touch of sweetness to Scotch, and balances that with a couple of dashes of bitters. As with all cocktails based on Scotch, I recommend using a cheap or at least inexpensive brand (why waste Scotch that tastes great all by itself in a blended cocktail?). The flavors of the other ingredients make this a great cocktail, regardless of the brand of Scotch.

Whiskey Bomb drink in cocktail glass

This cocktail is ideal for winding down after dinner with or without a cigar. Or for winding down after work while you make dinner. If you like the idea of relaxing with a Scotch in the evenings but can’t afford the better brands that you most enjoy, this cocktail recipe gives you a great alternative.

Overhead view of Whiskey Bomb drink in cocktail glass

You’ll see that the recipe calls for gomme syrup, which is also called gum syrup, and you’ve probably heard that you can substitute simple syrup if that’s what you have on hand. If you’re wondering about the difference between gomme syrup and simple syrup, gomme is thickened with gum arabic and that gives it a richer, fuller taste and a silkier texture. It makes drinks feel more luxurious, and somehow more flavorful. In this cocktail, in particular, it’s really worth using the gomme syrup. You can make gomme syrup on your own. The only unusual ingredient you will need is the gum arabic.

If this sounds like too much in-your-face Scotch, you might want to try the Scotch Cobbler, the Charmer, or the Miami Beach instead. These cocktails still let the Scotch flavor come through, but counter it with more mixers.

Note that you don’t shake this cocktail. You stir it it in a mixing glass with ice, and then strain the mixture into a glass.

Whiskey Bomb Cocktail Recipe

  • 2 ounces Scotch
  • 1/4 ounce gomme syrup (or gum syrup)
  • 2 dashes of Angostura bitters

Stir in a mixing glass with ice and strain the mixture into a highball or martini glass.

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