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Warm Woolly Sheep cocktail recipe

The Warm Woolly Sheep cocktail may look like another cloyingly sweet,  creamy cocktail, but it’s not even close to that. This comfort drink blends scotch and Drambuie with warm milk.

Warm Woolly Sheep cocktail in front of toy stuffed sheep

The result is a mildly sweet, creamy, warm drink that makes you feel cozy. It’s ideal for an evening curled up by the fire, but it’s also great anytime you’re stressed out and need to shake off your worries. The dominant note here is honey (from the Drambuie), followed by whatever notes are in your preferred scotch. In general, those notes are going to be smoky with some distant fruit notes, and maybe some oak from the aging process.

Overhead view of Warm Woolly Sheep cocktail

This cocktail makes a great nightcap because it really can help you get to sleep. Because it has a full serving of milk, it’s actually a little bit filling. If you want to try and parent with a meal anyway, I would suggest you think about breakfast foods. Things like buttered toast, bacon, grits – the honey and cream flavor in this drink will work with most any meal that you would eat with a glass of milk.

Warm Woolly Sheep cocktail in goblet

The warmly sheep cocktail is a soothing drink.  It’s a great alternative to hot cocoa when you want something that’s warm, milky and relaxing, but not chocolate. I recommend making this cocktail with whole milk, rather than skim or milk alternative. Skim milk doesn’t have enough flavor to stand up to the Drambuie, and the milk alternatives (soy, coconut, almond) tend to be sweetened, which can make the whole drink too sweet. If you don’t drink whole milk, the others will still be good, but you may want to change the amounts of each ingredient you use.

If you enjoy this drink, try the Milk Punch, featuring bourbon of brandy – your choice – and the Scottish Jersey, which is basically hot chocolate with Scotch.

Warm Woolly Sheep Cocktail Recipe

  • 1 shot scotch
  • 1 1/2 shot Drambuie
  • Warm milk

Mix the scotch and Drambuie in the glass of your choice and fill the rest of the way with warm milk.