Vodka Guide + Our Best Vodka Cocktails

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What is Vodka?

Vodka is a clear spirit. It was originally made by fermenting and distilling potatoes or grains. But it can actually be made from most anything, including beets or grapes!

It may have originated in Russia or Poland, but it’s now enjoyed all over the world. It’s popular in a wide variety of cocktails.

Alcohol content of vodka

Vodka has an ABV (alcohol by volume) of between 40% and 50%. That translates to 80-100 proof. In the US, it has to contain a minimum of 40% ABV whereas in Europe the minimum is 37.5% alcohol content

Vodka shots on a cutting board

How Does Vodka Taste?

Vodka has a neutral flavor that doesn’t influence the taste of a cocktail. That makes it perfect for cocktails where the mixers are providing the desired flavor.

14 Great Vodka Cocktails

These popular vodka cocktail recipes will get you excited to discover this ingredient. You can see all our vodka cocktails here.