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Tea Toddy

You’ve probably tried using Irish cream in place of cream and sugar in your coffee, but what about tea? The Tea Toddy, a sort of distant cousin to the Hot Toddy – does just that. With an added bonus surprise.

Tea Toddy drink in glass mug

This drink was made for fall and winter, but it’s a nice pick-me-up anytime a cup of tea sounds good. It’s actually very light on the alcohol, so even very moderate drinkers can enjoy this one.

Tea Toddy drink on green and white towel

A few notes on ingredients: Carolan’s is my Irish cream of choice – it’s got lovely caramel notes – but you can use whatever brand you prefer or have on hand. Be sure not to add too much scotch, because it can get overwhelming. Besides, what’s the point of wasting more good scotch than you need in a cocktail? And if you don’t like Earl Grey Tea, well, you might actually like it in this because it’s mixed up with some delicious ingredients. But if you really can’t stand it, another black tea will work – my top choice is PG Tips. Love that stuff. You can get it at most supermarkets, and World Market.

Tea Toddy drink with cinnamon sticks

Optionally, you can garnish this one with cinnamon sticks to add a hint of that flavor.


  • 1 cup Earl Grey tea
  • 1 teaspoon sugar
  • 1 shot Irish cream
  • 1 ounce Jameson whiskey

Brew a cup of Earl Grey tea. Now, the next step traditionally is to add the sugar, but I find the Irish cream sweet enough myself. So I would suggest adding the Irish cream first, to taste. If you want sugar too, add it and stir. Then add the Jamesons. Optionally, garnish with cinnamon sticks.

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