Blue Long Island Iced Tea drink recipe

Blue Long Island Iced Tea sitting on coaster on bar

Once upon a time, it must have occurred to someone that the Long Island Iced Tea was nearly perfect, except for one thing: it wasn’t blue. The Blue Long Island cocktail fixes that.

Wild Sacramento drink recipe

Overhead view of Wild Sacramento drink

The Wild Sacramento is one of those cocktails that’s based on three liquors, some liqueurs and a touch of juice. It’s on the strong side, and doesn’t try to hide that fact.

Bone Crusher

Bone Crusher drink in parfait glass

The Bone Crusher cocktail combines three white liquors with champagne, grenadine, triple sec and lime. The champagne, lime and sour mix counter the sweetness of the grenadine and triple sec.

Royal Scandal

Royal Scandal drink in martini glass with ice

The Royal Scandal is equal parts Crown Royal, Southern Comfort and amaretto with splashes of sour mix (or lemon juice, if you prefer) and pineapple juice.

Creamsicle Margarita Drink Recipe

Creamsicle Margarita against orange backdrop

The Creamsicle Margarita is one of the simplest blended recipes out there, and what makes it really special is the vanilla ice cream. The predominant flavors are orange and vanilla.