Alabama Slammer Drink Recipe

Alabama Slammer drink on table in front of liquor bottles

The Alabama Slammer has been around since the 70s, and there are a few minor variations on it. The most common version blends Southern Comfort with amaretto, sloe gin and orange juice.

Strawberry Patch Drink Recipe

Strawberry Patch drink with sugared strawberry

The Strawberry Patch cocktail is a sinfully sweet, fruity treat. Seriously, if you’re not looking for a super sweet dessert cocktail, just run away now.

Love Cocktail

Love Cocktail against white background

The Love Cocktail has a slightly creamy, thick texture that comes from blending raspberries and egg white with the other ingredients. The flavor here is berry with a touch of lemon. The egg white counteracts the cloying sweetness of the sloe gin somewhat, but it’s still a very sweet, fruity cocktail. It’s a terrific dessert …

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Charlie Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin drink on floral placemat

The Charlie Chaplin cocktail is definitely for when you have a sweet tooth. The ounce of lemon juice cuts the sweetness of the sloe gin and apricot brandy somewhat, but not completely. The dominant note in this is berry – that’s followed by the lemon, which is followed by the apricot. It pairs well with …

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Sloe Driver

Sloe Driver drink in tall glass

I bet you can guess what’s in the Sloe Driver cocktail. That’s right! Sloe gin! That very sweet, berry flavored stuff that bears no relation at all to gin. This orange juice in this recipe cuts the sweetness of the sloe gin and livens it up with its tangy notes. I used full pulp orange …

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Bourbon Black Hawk

Bourbon Black Hawk drink in tall glass

The Bourbon Black Hawk pairs bourbon with sloe gin, and the result is a shockingly tasty blend between the two flavors. It’s sweet, but not too sweet; fiery, but still smooth. This drink is awesome for just kicking back, especially at the end of a long, hard day. The bourbon dominates more than you might …

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