Frangelico Float

Frangelico Float drink with whipped cream

The Frangelico Float is an ice cream based cocktail. The dominant flavor is chocolate, followed by strong notes of hazelnut. This is a perfect dessert drink for obvious reasons, but it’s also great for parties. You can blend several servings’ worth and pour for a number of guests at once. The taste of the alcohol …

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Chocolate Leprechaun drink recipe

Chocolate Leprechaun drink in tall glass

The Chocolate Leprechaun is a very light cocktail, with just an ounce of Irish cream for its alcohol content. It’s hardly a health drink, but at least it does include seven ounces of milk.


Checkerboard cocktail with chocolate sprinkles on top

The Checkerboard cocktail is another variation on that noble tradition: cocktails that taste like chocolate milkshakes. This one uses amaretto for a distinctive touch. All milkshakes should be so blessed. Enjoy a Checkerboard whenever you want a chocolate milkshake with a kick. This drink is also great for mixing and serving in bulk when you’ve …

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