Nasty Woman and the Bad Hombre

Two drinks with fruit garnish on table

I thought about playing a drinking game with the third 2016 presidential debate, but I didn’t want to die of alcohol poisoning. And so, the Nasty Woman and Bad Hombre cocktails were born.

Ginger Apple Spice Cocktail

Ginger Apple Spice Cocktail with cinnamon stick

The Ginger Apple Spice Cocktail is a delicious drink featuring spiced rum and ginger liqueur for the spice, with just enough Malibu coconut rum to take the edge off.

March Rain Cocktail

March Rain Cocktail with lime wheel in front of bottles of liquor

The March Rain Cocktail is something I created one rainy evening in March, hence the name. I started with sweet liqueurs – Tia Maria and Canton Ginger Liqueur – and then came the Fernet Branca bitters. And more.

Branca Menta ‘Hopper

Branca Menta Hopper drink

The Branca Menta Hopper started out as a re-imagining of the classic Grasshopper recipe. But by the time I finished developing the recipe, I wasn’t sure how much it even resembled the original.


Tumba drink with fruit and candied ginger garnish

The Tumba is another original cocktail from Favela Cubana in Greenwich Village. This one features Mezcal, known for its smokey taste, with strong notes of ginger and grapefruit juice. The citrus and spice bring out other subtleties in the Mezcal, so the flavor is easy to enjoy yet wonderfully complex. Recipe 2 slices of fresh …

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Summer Heat {Mixy Original}

Summer Heat cocktail with lemon twist

The Summer Heat cocktail makes me think of the feeling of sun on your skin. It’s sweet, spicy and bold with hints of lemon and ginger.