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AbFab cocktail: The Stoli-Bolli

The AbFab cocktail, or “Stoli-Bolli”, came from an episode of Absolutely Fabulous, in which Patsy and Edina kind of make it up on the fly. It’s extremely simple – just vodka-spiked champagne, really.

But coming from the minds of Patsy and Edina, it’s all about the brands, of course. You have to use Bollinger champagne with Stolichnaya vodka.

Therefore, the flavor is just the Bollinger with the extra fumes from the vodka. Of course you could use different brands, but then you’d lose the snob appeal.

Obviously, this drink is perfect for a night of watching AbFab,  either the TV show or the movie. It’s also great for AbFab drinking games, such as:

AbFab cocktail in champagne flute with strawberries
  • Take a drink whenever Patsy or Edina say “fabulous”
  • …or whenever either of them take a drink/spliff/whatever
  • …or whenever they blow off something important to go shopping
  • …or anytime someone insults somebody
  • …or any time Edina says “sweetie” or “darling”

You can also upgrade your game with double sips for such events as flashbacks and dream sequences, Bubble saying anything particularly dense, or Patsy being remotely nice to Saffy (even if you suspect she’s faking it).

Overhead view of AbFab cocktail

This cocktail is great for when champagne sounds delicious, but not strong enough. You can enjoy it alongside strawberries and cream, or just about any dessert you can think of.

Because this drink doesn’t use much vodka, it’s as good a brunch cocktail as most champagne cocktails. To keep up the snob theme, you might want to try some of these French pastries from Brit+Co.

Whether savory, chocolatey  or fruity, any of these little treats will taste great with champagne.

AbFab Cocktail (“Stoli-Bolli”) Recipe

  • 1 ounce Stolichnaya vodka
  • Bollinger champagne

Pour the vodka into a champagne flute and fill the rest of the way with the Bollinger. Optionally, garnish with strawberry, or serve with strawberries.

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