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Starburst Vodka Tutorial

Based on our fun with Skittles Vodka, we decided now was a good time to find out what happens when you infuse vodka with Starburst candies. And so the Starburst Vodka infusion was born.

Starburst Vodka in flasks

Turns out it’s something very delicious. It tastes almost exactly like the original Starburst candies you make it from, just with that vodka kick.

You can mix Starburst flavors if you want to. Here, we made each flavor into one flask, just to see the difference with each one.

Making Starburst Vodka

For this project, you’ll need:

  • Decent but not pricey vodka. I got a 1.75 liter bottle of Svedka and only used about half of it to make 5 batches. But if you’re making more batches, or bigger batches, you might use the whole bottle.
  • Five 8.5 ounce flasks or bottles. You can order these gorgeous Bormioli Rocco flasks from Amazon.
  • Starbursts. Again, I bought a really big bag and had a ton of candy left over, but the ratio is 2.5-3 Starbursts to each ounce of vodka.
  • Empty plastic water bottles. You’ll need one for each batch you plan to make.
  • A funnel like these from OXO.
  • A measuring cup
  • Coffee filters
  • A sieve
Bottle of vodka, bag of Starbursts, and several empty plastic water bottles

As with other infusions we’ve done, you’ll want to have a workspace for things to sit for about twenty-four hours, and you should cover it with newspaper or something because as the sugar breaks down, this can get a little messy.

Chrome bowl filled with Starbursts

Step 1: counting, measuring and separating

As I said above, you need about 2.5-3 Starbursts per ounce of vodka. You’ll also want to use an ounce or so less vodka than you want for the finished product, because the Starbursts are going to fill up the bottle a little bit, too.

I wanted to make 5 batches at 8 ounces each, so for each batch, I infused 7 ounces of vodka with 18 candies. That yielded an (approximate) 8-ounce batch in each flavor.

Piles of Starbursts separated into flavors with bottle of vodka in background

Step 2: put the Starbursts into the water bottles

Take the amount of Starbursts you need for each batch and put them into one of your empty water bottles.

Starbursts in bottles, separated by flavors
Closeup of orange starbursts in bottle with candy wrappers scattered beside bottle

This is my orange batch, with the candies in the bottle. Want to make a mixed flavor batch? Just put Starbursts of different colors in the same bottle.

I did a simple strawberry lemon batch, with 9 strawberry candies and 9 lemon ones. But you can mix all four colors, or use more of one flavor than another – whatever you want.

The vodka doesn’t alter the flavor of the candies at all, so it’s going to taste the same as if you ate two (or more) Starbursts together.

Step 3: Adding the vodka

Once you’ve got your candies for each batch into their water bottles, it’s time to pour the vodka over them. Pour the right amount of vodka into a measuring cup (7 ounces if you’re making the same size batches I was), put a funnel in the water bottle and pour the vodka into the bottle.

Pouring vodka through a funnel into a water bottle containing Starbursts

Now you have the beginnings of an infusion:

Water bottles containing Starbursts and vodka
Strawberry and Lemon Starbursts combined in one bottle

Step 4: Shake it up!

Give each batch a good shake to get the process started. Shaking helps the vodka get all over the candy and start to break it down faster.

Now your infusion will look something like this, as the vodka takes on the color from the candies and the whole infusion becomes a little more frothy.

The Starbursts are starting to break down in the vodka, in the water bottles

I recommend shaking several times, or as often as possible. I had these batches infusing in my dining area, so every time I walked past them, I would give each infusion a good ten seconds or so of shaking.

I started my batches one afternoon: by evening, the Starbursts were getting much smaller, and a white froth was forming on top.

The Starbursts have broken down more in the infusion process

Step 5: Straining

I started my batches one afternoon. The next morning, the Starbursts were completely broken down and the infusions were ready to be strained.

Starbursts have fully dissolved but a layer of gunk lays on top

Why strain? Because that white froth on top doesn’t taste great, and it’s going to keep separating from the rest of the drink and looking strange. It’s the waxes or whatever additives they use in the candy, not the yummy tasting bits. But there’s good news: this one is much easier to strain than Skittles Vodka!

Put a single coffee filter in a sieve and put the sieve over your measuring cup. Pour one of your infusions into it and let it run through the filter.

Pouring orange Starburst infusion through sieve with coffee filter

Once it’s done running through, it’ll look like nothing but frothy stuff in the filter:

Pink gunk sitting in coffee filter and sieve after being filtered

That’s it! I did not find filtering it through a second coffee filter got out anymore gunk – there will always be a trace of the frothy stuff left behind, but not enough to affect the flavor or look nasty.

Step 6: Pouring into the flasks

Now it’s time to pour your infusions into their glass storage containers. I used my Bormioli Rocco flasks, but as I mentioned above, any glass container that closes up well will do. Just put the funnel into the mouth of your bottle (if necessary) and pour from the measuring cup into the bottle.

Finished Starburst Vodka infusions in their flasks with candies scattered around

From left to right: strawberry, cherry, strawberry-lemon, lemon and orange

Step 7: Chill

Chilling is optional, but I believe vodka always tastes better chilled, and even more when it’s been infused. Just put them in the freezer for a couple of hours (it also looks beautiful when you get them out):

Finished, chilled Starburst Vodka Infusions in their frosty flasks

Drinking them

As I mentioned above, they taste exactly like the candy, just with a little bit of that vodka kick. You can definitely drink them straight up – in fact, they’re a little more mellow than the Skittles Vodka, so this is a good way to go.

The lemon was my least favorite, but then it was always my least favorite Starburst flavor – it reminds me of furniture polish. The strawberry-lemon was very good, on the other hand. Strawberry was probably my favorite – but again, it was always my favorite candy flavor. I think you’re probably going to like the infusions exactly as much as you like the candies you made them with. The vodka really doesn’t change anything about the flavor.

You can also:

  • Mix these with soda water or even mineral water
  • Mix these with soda – clear pop or dark cola, if the Starburst flavor sounds like it would be good with the soda flavor, it’ll probably work. So, cherry Starburst vodka and coke? Orange Starburst vodka with lemon-lime soda? You get the idea.
  • Take drink recipes that call for cherry liqueur, strawberry schnapps, etc., and replace that ingredient with the same-flavored Starburst infusion.


Starburst Vodka in flasks
Yield: 5 batches

Starburst Vodka Tutorial

Prep Time: 30 minutes
Cook Time: 1 day
Total Time: 1 day 30 minutes

This Starburst infused vodka ends up tasting a lot like the candy. You can divide the candies by flavor to make batches for each one, or combine flavors if you prefer.


  • 1.75 liter bottle of vodka
  • Bag of Starburst Candies


  1. Separate your Starbursts by flavor. (Mix flavors if you want)
  2. Put 18 Starbursts of one flavor into a bottle at least 8.5 ounces in size. Repeat this process with each flavor until you have 5 bottles of Starbursts.
  3. Pour 7 ounces of vodka into each bottle.
  4. Cap the bottle and shake it vigorously to get the infusion process started.
  5. Shake it several times throughout the day, as often as possible. Some people recommend putting the bottles in the dishwasher while you're doing dishes, to give them lots of shaking.
  6. When the infusion is done and you have a layer of whitish gunk on top of each one, strain the mixture by putting a single coffee filter in a sieve, then putting the sieve over a measuring cup, and pouring one of your infusions into it and let it run through the filter. Repeat this process for each flavor.
  7. Put the finished infusions into glass bottles and chill in the freezer if you want.


You need about 2.5-3 Starbursts per ounce of vodka. You'll also want to use an ounce or so less vodka than you want for the finished product, because the Starbursts will add to the volume of liquid in the bottle.

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