Screaming Blue Viking

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The Screaming Blue Viking is a strong drink that tastes most strongly like mint, with hints of honey and oak – and orange, if you use too much blue curacao. It’s a chilled shot that’s easy on the palate, which makes it a good choice for serving to guests.

Screaming Blue Viking shooters with cocktail shaker

Since this recipe just calls for “parts” and “splashes” rather than ounces and tablespoons, it’s easy to make in any quantity you want. Mix a big batch in a pitcher before a party and serve as either shots or cocktails. It’s also great for drinking games, like any tasty blue shot.

Some of you have asked me where I got these shot glasses. Unfortunately, they aren’t made anymore. But they’re often on Ebay, so check this link to find a set. Or this one.


Fill a cocktail shaker with ice and pour in all ingredients. Shake well and strain into shot glasses.

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