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Scottish Jersey

The Scottish Jersey is basically a hot chocolate spiked with scotch and then cooled. The chocolate is definitely the dominant flavor, but the scotch adds some hints of oak and fruit, which varies depending what brand you use. As with most cocktails involving scotch, there’s no reason to break out the good stuff – any drinkable scotch will do.

Overhead view of Scottish Jersey drink

As far as the hot chocolate goes, make it however you like. Use almond milk or another milk substitute to add extra sweetness. Use whole milk to make it super creamy. Trader Joe’s Sipping Chocolate is a barely sweetened cocoa that lets the chocolate come through strongly – you could probably come up with a dozen variations on this drink just in how you make the cocoa.


  • 1 1/2 ounces scotch
  • Hot chocolate

Fill a big glass with ice. Pour in the scotch followed by as much hot chocolate as you want to drink. The chocolate will melt the ice.