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Satin Angel Drink Recipe

The Satin Angel looks very much like a White Russian. But instead of a coffee liqueur flavor, this drink features the hazelnut deliciousness of Frangelico. It’s a sweet, rich, delicious drink.

Satin Angel drink over ice

The taste

The dominant flavor in this drink is hazelnut. There’s a splash of Coca-Cola that adds something a little bit sweet and otherwise hard to pin down. It’s mostly there to enhance the hazelnut flavor.

There’s a lot of cream in this drink. That makes it a little bit like a spiked glass of milk. Think of the Toasted Almond, but with even less alcohol.

This drink may be less sweet than you would expect from reading the recipe. The cream overwhelms both the Frangelico and the cola.

Satin Angel cocktail beside bottle of Frangelico

Tips for making the Satin Angel

It’s the idea of drinking that much cream puts you off, you can definitely substitute milk. Even skim milk, if you want.

And yes, you can use a milk substitute if that’s your preference, but be aware that even an unflavored soy/almond/rice/coconut/whatever milk will change the flavor profile of the drink a little. But if it’s the kind of milk that you’re used to drinking, you’ll probably enjoy the flavor of it in this cocktail.

Also be aware that a milk substitute may make the drinks feel a little thinner and less luxurious. And the same goes for lower fat or skim milk.

This drink specifically calls for Frangelico. There are other brands of hazelnut liqueur, but Frangelico is considered the best. Since it’s the dominant flavor in this drink, it’s worth using the brand at the recipe calls for.

Satin Angel drink backlit by window

Unlike the Toasted Almond, this drink doesn’t call for any shaking. You just pour and stir. It couldn’t be any easier to make.

Most people will tell you that it’s important to make this drink with cold cream or milk, straight from the refrigerator. That’s why the recipe also calls for ice cubes, right? It’s supposed to be served cold.

But if we’re being honest, you can also make it with warm milk. And if you’re making it as a nightcap or as a drink to enjoy by the fire on a cold evening, you might prefer it warm.

Overhead view of Satin Angel drink over ice

When to enjoy

The Satin Angel can make a great dessert drink. It’s lightly sweet and a little bit filling. It can also be a great accompaniment for dessert.

It’s also great as a nightcap. Because it’s mostly cream (or milk), it’s soothing right before going to sleep.

You can also serve this drink to guests without fear of anyone getting drunk. It’s very drinkable and most people find it very enjoyable. And because it’s not that well-known, it’ll be something different.

Satin Angel Drink Recipe

Satin Angel drink over ice
Yield: 1 drink

Satin Angel Drink Recipe

Prep Time: 3 minutes
Total Time: 3 minutes

The Satin Angel drink recipe blends cream with Frangelico and a dash of cola over ice. It's sweet and unique, and very light on the alcohol.


  • 1 ounce Frangelico
  • Splash of Coca-Cola
  • Fill with cream
  • ice


  1. Fill an old-fashioned glass with ice.
  2. Pour in the Frangelico.
  3. Pour in a dash of cola.
  4. Fill the rest of the way with cream.
  5. Stir.

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