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Punzoné Poinsettia

The Punzone Poinsettia features the flavors of blood orange and raspberry. This is a crisp and refreshing drink, perfect for those who like just a touch of sweetness in a cocktail. The muddled fruits can be strained, but unless you used seeded fruit it’s really not necessary. This is a great choice for entertaining because it’s so agreeable to so many palates.

Punzoné Poinsettia drink with mint sprigs


[Recipe & photo courtesy of Punzone Organic.]

  • 2 parts Punzoné Blood Orange Originale
  • 1 part Punzoné Vodka
  • Raspberries and orange wedge muddled
  • Garnished with mint leaves

Muddle a small handful of raspberries with an orange wedge. Fill a cocktail shaker with ice and add the fruit muddle and the liquors, and shake well. Pour into an old-fashioned glass and garnish with mint leaves.