28 Fabulous Pride Cocktails for Your Parties

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Pride Month celebrates the LGBTQ+ community and honors the progress made towards equality and acceptance. If you’re hosting a gathering to celebrate pride, why not enjoy some festive, colorful cocktails that capture the spirit of the occasion?

Whether you’re hosting a Pride party, attending a local festival, or just want to get into the mood, mixing up a few signature Pride-themed drinks can be a fun and fabulous way to mark the month. From classic cocktails with a rainbow twist to unique concoctions inspired by the LGBTQ+ flag, the options are virtually endless.

Cocktails in many colors lined up on a table outdoors

This list includes our top picks for cocktail recipes for Pride Month celebrations. And of these drinks are sure to add a touch of sparkle and joy to your festivities.

Presentation Tips

You can make any of these cocktails extra special by getting creative with your presentation.

Festive Garnishes

You can always add edible flowers as a garnish. These look beautiful, and are perfectly safe to have around your cocktails.

Or you could get some edible glitter and either sprinkle it right into drinks or make a beautiful glitter rim on your cocktail glasses.

Nearly any cocktail benefits from a fruit garnish. You can cut citrus fruit or strawberries and put them on the rim of a glass. Or you can spear berries and lay the spear across the glass or down in.

You can also just slice up fruit sangria style and add it right into many cocktails. Use your creativity! The options are endless!

Chilled Glasses

Chilling your glassware before serving helps drinks stay colder longer without ice. This is especially helpful for outdoor parties in summertime.

Including Mocktails

Because Pride is all about inclusivity, we’ve included a couple of mocktails. If you’re throwing a party, chances are you’ll have some designated drivers or non-drinkers, and they deserve fabulous-looking and tasting drinks, too!

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Pride Cocktails

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Last Updated:

July 8, 2024