8 Delicious Cocktails Featuring Pernod

Pernod isn’t quite like anything else. It’s a very old recipe that’s changed some over the years. A quote from the manufacturer, Pernod-Ricard:

The oldest anise liqueur in France, Pernod is made from distillates of star anise, fennel and 14 other botanicals such as coriander and mint. It has a low liquorice content, which sets it apart from pastis. The original version included wormwood and was produced as absinthe at the Pernod Fils factory from 1805. The Pernod liqueur of today was created in 1938, though a reformulated absinthe based on the original recipe was released in 2005.

It tastes like black licorice with notes of fennel and other herbs. Generally speaking, if you don’t like black licorice, you probably won’t want to drink it straight.

But you may still enjoy it in cocktails, especially when it’s nicely balanced by other ingredients.

Sazerac cocktail on table with lemon twist

8 Cocktails Featuring Pernod