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Pavlova Supreme

Remember enjoying shaved ice as a kid? That slushy pile of ice with a flavored syrup poured over it was always such a treat. Now you can enjoy it in alcoholic form.

Pavlova Supreme drink with spoon

The Pavlova Supreme cocktail recipe calls for you to simply pour the alcoholic ingredients over shaved ice in a wine glass. It’s simple, classy and very grown-up – for flavor, you have only half an ounce of creme of cassis, rather than some sugary syrup.

And yet, this is childhood revisited, and even more fun. With both a wonderful flavor and tremendous visual impact, it makes a terrific dessert drink for guests.

Overhead view of Pavlova Supreme drink with spoon
Pavlova Supreme drink with spoon on bamboo placemat

To make shaved ice at home, I use a hand blender. I get crushed ice out of the refrigerator dispenser (if you don’t have that, a countertop bullet ice maker is a good substitute) and then crush it until it’s snow-like with the hand blender. You can also do it in a regular blender, but I find parts of it often liquify – the hand blender is easier for me to control.

Overhead view of ice before pouring in the drink


  • 2 ounces chilled vodka
  • 1/2 ounce creme de cassis

Fill a red wine glass with shaved ice. Pour in the creme de cassis, followed by the vodka.