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What is Midori?

Midori is a bright green melon flavored liqueur from Japan. It’s very sweet and light on the alcohol, being only 20–21% alcohol by volume (ABV). In North America, we tend to describe it as tasting like honeydew melon, and that’s a good approximation. It tastes like sweetened cantaloupe or honeydew.

It’s actually made from fresh yubari and musk melon from Japan with a neutral grain spirit. For years, Suntory – the company that made it – closely guarded the formula for making this liqueur. In more recent years, the company has become more open about both the ingredients and process.

The liqueur launched in New York in 1978 at a party at Studio 54 attended by John Travolta. It quickly became a bar essential. It adds a lot of green pigment to any drink, which allows bartenders to create spectacular drinks in shades of green, yellow-green and blue-green.

Bottle of Midori on countertop

Where to Buy Midori

You can absolutely buy Midori online and have it shipped or delivered – in some areas. It depends on local alcohol laws.

  • Minibar and Saucey partner with local stores to deliver Midori to your doorstep. Again, it depends where you live.
  • Buy Midori at Total Wine and have it delivered or pick it up curbside, depending on local regulations. Check your region to see if they deliver to you.

What does Midori Taste Like?

Tasted straight, Midori has no burn at all, even if you quickly down a shot. It’s very sweet, and the melon flavor is recognizable but not bold.

Midori tastes like honeydew or cantaloupe, but its popularity extends beyond people who like those flavors. Many who do not like melons report liking Midori very well, especially in cocktails.

As stated above, it is very sweet, and that can be a turnoff to drinking it straight, for any of you who don’t like sweet liqueurs. But most cocktail recipes featuring this spirit balance the sweetness with tart and/or spicy flavors like lemon or ginger.

Top Midori Cocktail Recipes

This list includes both MixThatDrink original cocktail recipes and a few classics.


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