15 Martini Recipes You Can Make At Home

You may be surprised to learn there are lots of martini recipes you can make at home. If you’ve ever watched people on TV making martinis, it can look like a complicated process.

But that’s often just for show. The truth is, the hardest step in making most martinis is shaking them. And that’s not difficult at all.

There’s absolutely no need to go to a bar to get a good martini. In fact, learning how to make these drinks at home is a great idea. You’ll be able to enjoy a good martini anytime you want it, and you’ll save money compared to paying for it at the bar.

Plus, you can impress your guests by serving the martinis when they visit. Martini making is a classic bar skill that’s great for anyone who throws parties at home to have.

Two martinis in front of a window

Martini Recipes You Can Make At Home

No need to go to a bar. Lots of martini recipes are easy to mix at home, even if you're new to cocktails. See which ones inspire you!

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Last Updated:

May 2, 2024