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Jack Knife cocktail recipe, featuring Jack Daniels and Baileys

The Jack Knife drink recipe has just two ingredients: Jack Daniels whiskey and Baileys Irish Cream. It’s almost like having a whiskey with cream and sugar.

Jack Knife drink in front of bottles

It’s reminiscent of a Warm Woolly Sheep, except that the flavor profile for the Drambuie in the Sheep gives it more of a honey note while Baileys is more caramel. And this drink is not served warm.

The Jack Knife is a great after dinner or nightcap drink. It’s a little bit heavy for midday, possibly causing you to take an unintended nap in the afternoon. It’s perfect for winding down.
Angled view of Jack Knife drink in front of bottles

Jack Daniels and Baileys

Jack Daniel’s Whiskey and Baileys Irish Cream were destined to be together. They’re a natural pairing because they contrast and complement each other in so many ways.

The combination of the two shows up in a lot of cocktails, like the Irish Hammer and the Lucky Irishman.

Here’s why they pair well:

Jack Knife drink recipe, featuring Jack Daniels and Bailey's Irish Cream.

Flavor Balance

Jack Daniels has a distinctively smooth charred oak flavor with an underlying sweetness from its corn base. It also has notes of vanilla, caramel and toasted nuts.

Baileys is an Irish cream liqueur that combines cream and Irish whiskey, along with hints of cocoa and vanilla.

The creamy sweetness of Baileys can soften the strong bite of Jack Daniel’s whiskey and add complexity to its taste.

Texture Contrast

The velvety texture of Bailey’s blends beautifully with the sharper edges of the Jack Daniel’s. That gives you a wonderful mouthfeel.

Foods to Serve with the Jack Knife

This is a perfect cocktail to savor all on its lonesome. But it also pairs wonderfully with any number of food items.

If you’re having a cocktail party or just enjoying this drink with food, here are some suggestions:

Chocolate Desserts: The richness of chocolate desserts like brownies, chocolate mousse or a molten lava cake is a perfect sweet contrast to the drink’s creamy flavor.

Cheese Platter: You can’t go wrong with an assortment of cheeses like cheddar, gouda, or brie, served on a charcuterie board.

Add some cured meats like Soppressata or Bianco D’oro along with some fruits, nuts and small pieces of bread, and you’ve got a full meal.

Grilled Meats: For savory dishes, grilled meat like steak or barbecue ribs can be great with this drink. The smoky flavor contrasts nicely with the sweet creaminess of the drink.

Fruit Tarts or Pies: The tartness from fruits like apple or berry cuts through the sweetness and richness of your cocktail, balancing out flavors.

Jack Knife drink in front of bottles
Yield: 1 drink

Jack Knife Cocktail Recipe

Prep Time: 3 minutes
Total Time: 3 minutes

The Jack Knife cocktail recipe features Jack Daniels and Baileys. It's so easy to make, and absolutely delicious. It tastes kind of like a whiskey with cream and sugar.


  • 1 part Jack Daniels
  • 1 part Baileys


  1. Fill a cocktail shaker with ice and pour the ingredients in.
  2. Shake until chilled, and strain into an old-fashioned glass.

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