45 Easy Irish Cream Drinks (Baileys)

Irish cream liqueur is delicious in cocktails. Baileys is the best known brand, but many other brands like Carolan’s are also great – and they’re all slightly different.

B52 shot on table in front of liquor bottles

Whatever brand you like, try an Irish cream cocktail tonight from this list and you won’t be sorry. Of course you could just spike your hot chocolate with Baileys and add some whipped cream and call that a cocktail. But some of these will surprise you.

What is Irish Cream?

Irish Cream is a creamy liqueur made with Irish whiskey, cream and other flavorings. It is usually served on its own or in cocktails.

It has a sweet, creamy taste. The most popular way to enjoy Irish Cream is by adding it to coffee. This combination of flavors makes for a smooth, velvety drink.

Irish Cream can also be enjoyed straight up in a shot glass or combined with other liquors (see the B52 and Irish Hammer below) for more complex flavors. It’s an ideal liquor for those looking for something special and decadent without the hard bite of whiskey.

Whether you’re having friends over for drinks or looking for something unique to add to your favorite cocktail, Irish Cream is sure to please!

Best Irish Cream / Baileys Cocktails