8 Honeydew Cocktail Recipes to Try Tonight

These delicious honeydew cocktail recipes feature fresh honeydew melon or Midori paired with refreshing ingredients like fresh lime juice, mint and even champagne.

Very few of these require a blender to puree the honeydew. Most use the melon chunked and/or frozen.

Honeydew makes a cocktail that’s fruity but in a mellow way. It’s not in your face like berries, citrus or pineapple. It’s easy going and delicious.

You can garnish any of these with what else? A melon ball. And if you love the honeydew flavor of Midori, be sure to check out our best Midori cocktails.

Honeydew Martini garnished with orange slice

Honeydew Melon Cocktails

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Last Updated:

October 25, 2023