23 Liqueurs You Can Make At Home

You can make your own liqueurs and mixers at home, and sometimes it’s even better than store brands. It’s a fun process that lets you get creative with your drink mixers.

Homemade marshmallow liqueur in glass bottle

There are a lot of ways to make your own liqueurs. There’s no cooking, like there is with making simple syrup. There’s just a lot of waiting.

It takes time for all of these to infuse. One infuses in an hour, using an Instant Pot. Several that use candies for flavor only take about 24 hours.

And quite a few, especially the ones using fruit or herbs, can take weeks. But they’re worth it for the deliciousness.

Tools for Homemade Liqueurs

For a couple of these you’ll need a blender like the Nutribullet. You’ll also need glass bottles for holding the infusions. You may need coffee filters, sieves, etc., for filtering your infusion.

The glass bottles are the most important. You can use mason or ball jars or old (well-washed) condiment jars, too.

Homemade Liqueur recipes