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8 Best Home Bar Cabinets for Liquor & Wine

If a bar cart isn’t enough for you, then the perfect home bar cabinet makes a great addition to your home. This list features a wide variety of bars and wine cabinets for different tastes and budgets.

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Home bar with bottles on top

What to look for:

Finding the right bar furniture for your home is largely a matter of your personal taste and budget. You want it to blend with your decor, and you have an idea how much you want to spend.

Beyond that, look for:

  • Ease of assembly. Most pieces require some assembly. One set requires installation which you may or may not want to tackle yourself.
  • Is the size right for your space? And does it need to have room for a mini-fridge?
  • How complicated do you want it? Do you want a simple unit with a shelf or two, or do you want wine racks and stemware racks?
  • Do you want real wood and metal, or do you want particle board? Be aware particle board units always look great in pictures, but sometimes not so much in person.
  • Do you also need a countertop ice maker so you can make ice right at your home bar?

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