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Grateful Dead cocktail

The Grateful Dead cocktail blends four white liquors with Chambord raspberry liqueur. Since it’s equal parts everything, this one is super easy to make anytime, anywhere – or make in a pitcher to keep guests topped up all evening.

This isn’t a stealth drink like the Long Island Iced Tea or Singapore Sling because that small portion of Chambord doesn’t do much to hide the alcohol flavor.

With this cocktail, you can taste what you’re getting into. It’s a pretty intense drink.

Golden brown cocktail against green cloth background

Because the recipe is written in parts, you can make this a shot or a long drink or whatever you like. Serving it over ice is an option too, since it’s strong enough to deal with being a little bit watered down.

And that makes it a nice choice for cooling off by the poolside or after a night of dancing. Or just for coping with a heat wave.

Golden brown cocktail against green cloth background

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Golden brown cocktail against green cloth background
Yield: 1 drink

Grateful Dead cocktail recipe

Prep Time: 3 minutes
Total Time: 3 minutes

The Grateful Dead is a fairly intense cocktail that tastes like raspberry with hints of herb and caramel notes.



    1. Fill a cocktail shaker halfway with ice.
    2. Pour in all ingredients.
    3. Shake until chilled.
    4. Fill a collins glass with ice.
    5. Strain the mixture into it.

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