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6 Best Glass Bottles for Infusions

We use glass flask bottles to infuse liquors and to store and make homemade salad dressing. Since both of those tasks involve shaking the flasks to mix ingredients, we recommend a bottle with a top that stays sealed and sturdy glass.

Quick Picks

If you’re in a hurry, you can take a look at our favorites here. Or you can keep reading for in-depth reviews of each flask.

  • My choice: I’ve had 5 of the Bormioli Rocco flasks for over a decade and they work flawlessly. Good as new.
  • Best Personalized: The Vintage Personalized Glass Flask
  • Top pick for style: Bormioli Giara flasks. Elegant and very functional.
  • Comes with extras: The Nevlers Flask set comes with a bottle brush, a funnel and a gold marker to get you started on home infusion.
  • Best set for gifting: The Nakpunar flasks are perfect if you make homemade brews to gift. Excellent quality, and the price for the 12 set is especially appealing for bulk buying.
  • Budget friendly choice: These 16 ounce Swing Top bottles give you 6 quality bottles for less cost than the other sets.

Be sure to check out our bartender kits to complete your home bar set up. And if you’re thinking about making infusions as a gift for someone, take a look at our gift guide for cocktail lovers, too.

What to Look For in Glass Flasks

If you’re going to be doing infusing, you may think any of them will do. There are just a few things to look for:

  • Does it seal well enough that you could shake it without it leaking or coming open? Most of our infusions call for shaking, and salad dressings need it frequently. The best seal gives you the best infusion and storage time.
  • What’s the right size for your project?
  • How easy are they to clean?

After that, the only real consideration is style. Pick what you like the look of, as long as it’s quality.

Glass Bottles for Infusions