Felicia Cocktail recipe

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The Felicia cocktail combines apple vodka with cranberry juice. The taste is refreshingly dry for a fruity drink, with the nice tart notes of the cranberry coming through strongly.

Closeup view of Felicia cocktail with apple slice

This is a simple drink that appeals to most everyone. It’s a nice choice for parties because it’s so easy and so well-received, but keep in mind it’s got three full ounces of vodka in it. The flavor is so smooth and easy going, it can sneak up on you. You might expect this cocktail to be purely sweet, and it is on the sweet side, but it’s drier than you might expect. It’s actually no sweeter than a Vodka Cranberry.

Tilted view of Felicia cocktail

You can garnish this one by putting an apple slice on the rim of the glass, or by dropping an apple slice down into the glass. Let it sit in the glass while you’re sipping, and by the time liquid gets down to the level of the apple, it will have soaked up some of the drink. At which point it will taste amazing.

The apple-cranberry flavor in this cocktail pairs well with fall foods. A turkey cranberry sandwich is perfect with it. So is a meal of turkey and dressing. Or how about a pumpkin ravioli in sage butter? The savory seasonings make a wonderful contrast with the sweet and tart notes in the drink.

This is a great cocktail to have with dinner, as long as you don’t need to drive anywhere right after enjoying those three ounces of vodka. It’s also good for an evening of dancing or any other busy activity. The cranberry juice gives you some vitamins as well as hydration, to help keep you going.

Felicia Cocktail Recipe

Shake the two ingredients together in a cocktail shaker with ice. Strain into the glass of your choice. Optional: garnish with an apple slice.