7 Gorgeous Edible Flower Garnishes for Cocktails

Are you tired of the same old cocktail garnishes? Or maybe you want garnishes that are more sustainable than fruit? These edible flower garnishes will take your mixology to a new level.

Edible flowers have been used in cooking for centuries, and they are now getting popular in mixology as well. Not only do flowers add a touch of elegance and beauty to your drinks, but they can also have provide unique flavors and aromas that enhance cocktails.

From vibrant marigolds to delicate pansies, these are some of the best edible flowers to elevate your cocktail game.

Cocktail with edible pansy garnish

Using Flowers in Cocktails

A few words of caution: always source your edible flowers from reputable suppliers or grow them yourself using organic practices. Always make sure they’re free from pesticides and insecticides.

Not every variety of every flower is edible, so don’t just grab the first pansy or marigold flower you see at the garden center. Ask if it’s edible. If the staff doesn’t know, then look at the exact name of the plant on your tag and look up that variety online.

It may be worth your time to go to a nursery instead of a big box hardware and garden store. Employees at nurseries tend to be better informed.

1. Marigolds

Orange cocktail with marigold flower on rim of glass

Marigolds, with their vibrant hues of orange and yellow, make for a stunning garnish in cocktails. Their petals have a slightly citrusy flavor, reminiscent of tangerines or lemons.

The aroma is refreshing and uplifting, making it a perfect choice to add a burst of brightness to your drinks. To use marigolds as a garnish, gently pluck the head of the flower and place it on top of the drink or on the rim of the glass.

Or you can separate the petals and sprinkle them over your cocktail. You can also freeze the petals into ice cubes for an added visual appeal.

Try pairing marigolds with citrus-based cocktails like margaritas or gin and tonics for a wonderful blend of flavors.

2. Lavender

Clear cocktail with lavender sprig garnish

Known for its calming properties, lavender also adds an aromatic touch to cocktails. The delicate purple flowers have a sweet and floral fragrance that complements various spirits.

To use lavender as a garnish, all you need to do is lay a fresh sprig across the top or stand it up against the side of the glass. Lavender pairs exceptionally well with champagne-based cocktails, adding a sophisticated twist to classics such as French 75 or Bellini.

3. Hibiscus

Red cocktail with red hibiscus flower garnish

The vibrant red petals of the hibiscus flower not only make a visually striking garnish but also offer a tangy and slightly citrusy flavor. Hibiscus flowers are widely used in teas and infusions, and their unique taste can be utilized in cocktails as well.

Float a whole hibiscus flower on top of the drink or skewered onto a cocktail pick. You can also use dried hibiscue to create a rich and flavorful syrup or infusion.

Hibiscus works well with margaritas or mojitos for a tropical twist.

4. Pansy

Cocktail with edible pansy garnish

Pansies come in nearly every color, and more all the time. This makes them a versatile choice for cocktail garnishes. They have a subtle minty flavor with hints of wintergreen, which adds a refreshing twist to any drink.

To showcase pansies in your cocktails, put the flowers on top of your drink or spear them with a cocktail pick so they stand up at the side. Or gently remove the petals and sprinkle them on top of the drink.

You can also freeze the petals in ice cubes or use them to infuse simple syrup. Pansies work well with light and fruity cocktails such as sangrias or spritzers, providing an elegant touch. They’re also great with mojitos.

6. Rose

Cocktail in coupe glass with rose petals floating on top

Roses have long been associated with beauty and romance, and their petals can be used as garnish for cocktails. Depending on the variety, roses can have flavors ranging from subtly sweet to slightly tangy.

To use rose petals as a garnish, gently float them on top of your drink. You can also crystallize rose petals by brushing them with egg whites and sprinkling sugar over them.

Roses pair well with floral spirits like elderflower liqueur or rose-infused vodka, adding a romantic touch to drinks such as Rose Martini or Rose Lemonade.

7. Honeysuckle

Light yellow cocktail with honeysuckle sprig garnish

Honeysuckle, with its sweet and intoxicating fragrance, makes a tasty addition to cocktails as an edible flower garnish. The delicate white or yellow blossoms of honeysuckle look beautiful and also infuse the drink with a subtle floral essence.

To incorporate honeysuckle into your cocktails, gently pluck the flowers and float them on top of the beverage, allowing their aroma to mingle with each sip. Or stand them up against the side of the glass.

You can also infuse honeysuckle into simple syrup or create honeysuckle-infused vodka for a more pronounced flavor. The gentle sweetness and floral notes of honeysuckle pair exceptionally well with light and refreshing cocktails like a Tom Collins.

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Last Updated:

January 16, 2024