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23 Easter Cocktail Recipes

We’ve rounded up a little collection of Easter cocktails to serve at any Easter or spring-themed get-togethers. There’s always the “champagne cocktail” option for brunch, but we aimed for a list that’s a little more creative.

Many of these drinks use egg as an ingredient and have spring themes in their colors and names. If you’ve never used egg in cocktails, you’ll be surprised by the silky texture it adds. 

And if you’re nervous about using raw eggs in your drinks, egg substitute works just fine. Either way you go, eggs add a nice bit of body and creamy texture to cocktails.

Closeup of Pink Easter cocktail against blue backdrop

Need to spruce up your glassware for guests? I love the look of these Reidel Nick and Nora glasses for Easter cocktails, and this teal serving tray (perfect pastel for spring).


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