10 Delicious Creme de Violette Cocktails

Creme de Violette is an uncommon cocktail ingredient, but one that’s delicious when it’s balanced by other flavors. It’s often paired with gin, because the sweetness of the violette and the herbal notes of gin get that balance just right.

Deep purple colored creme de violette cocktail in martini glass

These cocktails get that balance right. They balance out the sweetness of violette and bring out the complex notes of it.

Violette was a mainstay of classic cocktail recipes. It’s terrific with citrus juices and liqueurs, and even pairs beautifully with tequila.

It’s a fun ingredient to explore, and you can read more about what creme de violette tastes like.

Creme de Violette Cocktail Recipes

5. Creme De Violette Pink Lemonade Cocktail

This is one of those cocktails that’s just almost too darn pretty. Pink lemonade is the secret ingredient that makes it so beautiful – and so tasty.

6. The Water Lily Cocktail

Fresh citrus flavors from Cointreau and lemon juice make this one special. The citrus balances out the floral and you get a delicious drink to savor.

7. The Blue Moon Cocktail with Gin and Creme de Violette

This one is similar to the Aviation, but without the maraschino or Luxardo liqueur. It ends up being a bit less sweet, and very good.

8. Peach Violet Empress Gin Sour

Peach meets violet in this color changing cocktail. The sweetness of the violette and the tangy sour notes from lemon balance each other, and then comes the peach.

9. Lavender Margarita

You might be surprised to find another tequila based violette cocktail, but here it is. This one incorporates lavender syrup, too. And yet it’s as easy to make as it is to enjoy.

10. Spiked Creme De Violette Lemonade

It’s as simple as it sounds – lemonade spiked with Creme de Violette. And yet, simple is often best. So delicious.