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5 Best Countertop Ice Makers for your Home Bar

If your refrigerator doesn’t have an ice maker, or your ice maker is far from your home bar, what you need is a countertop ice maker. These are small machines that make ice, which you can then store in your home fridge or in a mini-fridge at your bar.

Just plug one in, add water to it and wait for the ice to form. These are also great for use in RVs and vacation rentals that don’t have fridges with built-in ice makers.

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Tips for Using Countertop Ice Maker Machines

  • Use distilled or filtered water. This makes your ice taste better and also keeps your machine operating well for longer. Some units specify that they can work with soft tap water, too.
  • Note that these machines will not keep stored ice cold. You have to use it or transfer it to a freezer or cooler for storage. If you don’t, the ice melts inside the machine, but they will recycle the water and make more ice from it so it’s not a loss.

Ice in basket of ice maker

5 Best Ice Makers for Home Bars