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Chocolate Leprechaun drink recipe

The Chocolate Leprechaun is a very light cocktail, with just an ounce of Irish cream for its alcohol content. It’s hardly a health drink, but at least it does include seven ounces of milk.

Chocolate Leprechaun drink in tall glass

This makes it a wonderful cocktail for light drinkers. If you don’t drink very often, and you’re looking for something to enjoy on St. Patrick’s Day, this is just perfect.

It’s also an ideal dessert drink or a great sweet snack, because the milk makes it a little bit filling. It’s really just chocolate milk with a touch of Irish cream thrown in, so enjoy one the next time you’re in the mood for chocolate milk with a little something extra.

Overhead view of Chocolate Leprechaun drink in tall glass

As for which brand of Irish cream to use, it’s really up to you. Carolans has a stronger caramel note than Baileys. But you can definitely use whatever you like in this one, including flavored Irish creams.

As for milk, I recommend whole milk because it has more flavor and texture.

It has a really good flavor, and is a little bit thicker than most other brands, and can take a little longer to stir because it lacks the GMO soy lecithin that makes non-organic brands pour more smoothly.

It’s easy to pair this drink with food, because what goes perfectly with chocolate milk? Cookies. Try these Big and Chewy Oatmeal Cookies from Golden Barrel – the cinnamon in them will bring out the best of the flavors in the Irish cream. Or these Chocolate Brownie Cookies from LivForCake, which will contrast nicely in both taste and texture.

Chocolate Leprechaun Drink Recipe

  • 1 ounce Irish cream
  • 7 ounces milk
  • 2 tablespoons chocolate syrup

Pour the ingredients into a collins glass, and stir well.