Glogg in the Microwave

Glogg in the Microwave with orange twist

The Glogg in the Microwave is a quick version of mulled wine that you make in a microwave. It tastes like a spiced and lightly sweetened wine.

AbFab cocktail: The Stoli-Bolli

Overhead view of AbFab cocktail in champagne flute with strawberries

The AbFab cocktail, or “Stoli-Bolli”, came from an episode of Absolutely Fabulous, in which Patsy and Edina kind of make it up on the fly.

Kir Royale classic cocktail

Kir Royale cocktail served in champagne flute on wooden bar top

The Kir Royale combines the flavors of black currant and champagne to make a fascinating aperitif – but you can drink it anyway you like. If you’re looking to impress someone with a sophisticated cocktail, Kir Royale is a great choice.

Highline Spritzer cocktail recipe

Highline Spritzer on bar top with sprig of lavender

​The Highline Spritzer comes from mixologist Jon Howard at The Fillmore Room, and features white tequila with some fruity and lightly floral flavors.

Loopy Holiday Punch

Loopy Holiday Punch in clear bowl

Loopy Holiday Punch is one of the easiest things you can make for a holiday party. It’s just pouring three ingredients into a bowl, sticking the bowl in the fridge, and then if you’re feeling fancy, adding some fruit at the last minute. Three Olives Loopy Vodka has a tropical fruit taste which combines wonderfully …

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Melon Mimosa Champagne Cocktail

Melon Mimosa drinks arranged on table

The Melon Mimosa is basically – you guessed it – a Mimosa with Midori instead of orange juice. With the exception of a touch of lemon juice and simple syrup, this one is all alcohol. No mixers here.