Crown Royal Press Drink Recipe

Crown Royal Press drink in front of Crown Royal bottle

The Crown Royal Press drink recipe makes the most of Crown Royal Canadian whisky. In fact, that makes up most of the drink. The other ingredients add a touch of citrus and spice.

Fox River Cocktail

Fox River Cocktail with orange twist

The Fox River Cocktail is bourbon based – specifically, it’s based on two ounces of bourbon and not a lot else. This should tell you two things about the drink.

Algonquin Drink Recipe

Bright yellow Algonquin Cocktail in front of dark orange background

The Algonquin is a very old classic that dates back to at least the 1930s. It features rye bourbon with dry vermouth and pineapple juice, which makes for a sweet, easy-going, slightly tropical cocktail.

The Boulevardier Drink Recipe

Boulevardier drink with orange twist on patio table

If you’ve rejected the Negroni in the past because you don’t like gin, you might want to try The Boulevardier. It uses whiskey instead of gin, and the flavor difference is surprising.

Frisco Sour cocktail

Frisco Sour cocktail with lemon wedge

The Frisco Sour is an old classic. The usual recipe for a sour is your main ingredient + lemon + simple syrup or sugar. But this drink uses Benedictine for sweetening.