Sex on the Beach Cocktail Recipe

Sex on the Beach cocktail in hurricane glass with cherry against blue background

The Sex on the Beach is a delicious classic cocktail. It’s sweet and fruity enough that you almost don’t notice the alcohol, but it’s actually a strong drink.

11 Awesome Martini Recipes with Vodka

Closeup of Cosmopolitan cocktail with lemon twist

So you’ve got some vodka and you’re thinking a martini sounds good. But maybe not the typical classic martini with dry vermouth and an olive or lemon twist. Maybe you want something sweet, or just something different.

Key Lime Martini

Key Lime Martini

The Key Lime Martini drink recipe blends vanilla vodka with the flavors of key lime and coconut. The graham cracker crumb rim makes it taste like key lime pie.

Fourth of July Cocktail

Fourth of July cocktail in front of sparkler

The Fourth of July cocktail is a layered shooter. It’s light, making it a great drink for an Independence Day barbecue, but there’s an option to make it stronger.

William’s Caramel Appletini

William's Caramel Appletini with cinnamon stick garnish

Reader William Froment sent me this wonderful recipe he created with two of our popular infusions, Jolly Ranchers Vodka and Salted Caramel Vodka. I’m calling it William’s Caramel Appletini in his honor.

Chocolate Raspberry Martini

Chocolate Raspberry Martini with chocolate drizzle in glass and raspberry garnish

The Chocolate Raspberry Martini features raspberry vodka plus a touch of Tia Maria. It tastes like chocolate and raspberry with a hint of mocha.

Blue Russian drink recipe

Blue Russian cocktail with white and blue layers

So you’ve got your White Russians and your Black Russians, but have you heard of a Blue Russian? This cocktail is definitely one of the lesser known Russians. It uses Blue Curacao as its liqueur.