Quick Fox

Quick Fox drink in cordial glass

The Quick Fox is a layered cocktail – three layers, to be precise. Pouring three layers without messing any of them up is slightly tricky and takes a bit of practice. The specific gravity of a liqueur from one brand to the next can also vary. This cocktail uses Irish cream, a melon liqueur, and …

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White Flag

White Flag cocktail in cordial glass

The White Flag is a layered cocktail. Unlike a lot of layered cocktails, such as the B52, this one just uses two liqueurs, which makes it much less intimidating to pour. In fact, you can almost accidentally layer a White Flag without even meaning to. In a lot of cocktail recipes that call for Baileys, …

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Classic B-52 Shot Cocktail Recipe

B52 shot cocktail sitting on table

The classic B52 drink recipe layers Kahlua, then Baileys Irish Cream, and then Grand Marnier on top. It tastes a little like caramel, but with hints of mocha and orange.