Foreplay Cocktail

Three Foreplay Cocktail shooters lined up

The Foreplay Cocktail is a very simple shooter cocktail featuring the flavors of almond and pineapple. It’s a sweet, rich, intoxicating combination. This is a very weak shot, since the only alcohol in it is a half ounce of liqueur. But sometimes a weak drink is just what you want – something you can toss …

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John’s Bomb

John's Bomb drink with cinnamon coated orange slice

John’s Bomb is a very interesting drink, partly because of the garnish. It gets an orange slice dipped in cinnamon, which is delicious to eat with it. This cocktail features a small amount of Benedictine with a standard amount of tequila. Benedictine is an incredibly sweet herbal liqueur with notes of everything from flowers to …

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Vulcan Mind-Probe

Vulcan Mind-Probe drinks lined up on table

The Vulcan Mind-Probe uses an ingredient that’s uncommon in cocktails: ouzo. That’s an anise-flavored liqueur associated with Greece. It tastes a little like absinthe. This recipe blends it with 151 Proof Rum and no mixers, so it’s rather powerful. This drink actually makes a great aperitif, stimulating your appetite and making your meal seem a …

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Tequila Surprise

Tequila Surprise drink in cordial glass

The Tequila Surprise is just what it sounds like. Are you ready for the surprise? It’s tequila with – wait for it – 8 drops of hot sauce dropped down into it. The hot sauce goes straight to the bottom and clumps there, as you can see in the picture. This is definitely a shot …

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Keremiki drink in cordial glass

The Keremiki shot blends cinnamon and peppermint liqueurs with 151 proof rum. It’s kind of like the ultimate breath mint with a kick. This is a tasty little shot that’s worth drinking slowly and savoring, as opposed to chugging. It’s also intriguing as a sort of alternative cordial. The next time you’re in the mood …

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49er Gold Rush

49er Gold Rush drink on woven placemat

The 49er Gold Rush rocks on both flavor and presentation. It’s a fun shot that tastes like cinnamon, is gold in color and has gold leaf flakes in it. Goldschlager works best for presentation if you can pour it right in front of your guests, and this is one of those recipes where you can. …

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