Mind Game

Mind Game Cocktail surrounded by cloves

The Mind Game features Ricard, a particularly smooth anise-flavored liqueur. Along with the Ricard, the recipe calls for blue curacao and reduced fat milk. Orange and anise is a surprising combination – spicy, tangy and sweet. The milk takes off any rough edges and makes the whole concoction wonderfully mild. It’s a really unusual and …

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Apple Cobbler cocktail

Apple Cobbler drink in cordial glass

The Apple Cobbler cocktail tastes just like it sounds – apple, cinnamon and something creamy with hints of caramel. It really does taste a lot like apple pie. This drink obviously makes a great dessert substitute. It’s also wonderful served with milk, almost with one drink as a chaser for the other. Because a glass …

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Bright green Smartie drink

The Smartie cocktail gets its name from Smarties candies, which it supposedly tastes like. I’m not sure I agree with that, but I can tell you what it tastes like. This drink has a very sweet, mellow fruity flavor. You can taste the grape and melon individually if you really try, but it’s more enjoyable …

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M&M Cocktail

M&M cocktails against pink background

The M&M cocktail is exactly what you’d expect: a candy drink that tastes a lot like an M&M in a glass. But it’s not just chocolate liqueurs or anything so obvious. You wouldn’t expect a drink containing frangelico to taste like an M&M, but if you think about it there’s a bit more to the …

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Princess drink in shot glass

You will not be surprised to hear that the Princess cocktail is just a bit on the frou-frou side. The overall flavor can best be described as “creamy apricot.” We’re practically in a Disney movie here! The main ingredient is a full shot of apricot brandy, which people tend to either love or hate. The …

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Tiatip Layered Cocktail Recipe

Tiatip drink in square glass

The Tiatip is a layered cocktail with just two ingredients: Tia Maria and Baileys. This cocktail looks so elegant, with its layered of black and cream.