Sunny Mexico drink recipe

Four Sunny Mexico drinks lined up against an orange background

The Sunny Mexico cocktail blends a sweet herbal liqueur with tequila for a delicious, complex taste. It’s a refreshing cocktail that’s easy to make.

Irish Flag shot recipe

Irish Flag shot drink sitting on table

The Irish Flag drink is a layered shooter cocktail featuring green creme de menthe, Baileys Irish Cream and Grand Marnier. This combination mimics the colors of the Irish flag – green, white and orange.

Sour Apple Pie

Four Sour Apple Pie shooters lined up beside apple

The Sour Apple Pie shooter cocktail is so simple, but so tasty. It blends sour apple and cinnamon schnapps together, and the taste really is reminiscent of apple pie.

Crispy Crunch

Crispy Three Crunch shooters on table

The Crispy Crunch shooter cocktail gets its name from a brand of chocolate and peanut bar made by Cadbury. It’s pretty sweet, with Kahlua, Creme de Cacao and Frangelico. But the Metaxa brandy adds surprising floral and spicy notes.

Broken Down Golf Cart Drink Recipe

Broken Down Golf Cart in shot glass on table

The Broken Down Golf Cart is a shooter cocktail that’s very light on the alcohol. Even with the lime juice cutting the sweetness of the Midori and amaretto, this is still a pretty sweet drink.

Screaming Blue Viking

Screaming Blue Viking shooters with cocktail shaker

The Screaming Blue Viking is a strong shot that tastes like mint, with hints of honey and oak – and orange, if you use too much blue curacao. It’s a chilled shot that’s easy on the palate, which makes it a good choice for serving to guests.

Mind Game

Mind Game Cocktail surrounded by cloves

The Mind Game features Ricard, a particularly smooth anise-flavored liqueur. Along with the Ricard, the recipe calls for blue curacao and reduced fat milk. Orange and anise is a surprising combination – spicy, tangy and sweet. The milk takes off any rough edges and makes the whole concoction wonderfully mild. It’s a really unusual and …

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Apple Cobbler cocktail

Apple Cobbler drink in cordial glass

The Apple Cobbler cocktail tastes just like it sounds – apple, cinnamon and something creamy with hints of caramel. It really does taste a lot like apple pie. This drink obviously makes a great dessert substitute. It’s also wonderful served with milk, almost with one drink as a chaser for the other. Because a glass …

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