12 President’s Day Cocktails

Collage of President's Day cocktails

A lot of Americans get President’s Day off, so I’ve put together a little collection of President’s Day cocktails to enjoy on the day. Most of these have themes that tie in with American history, and some of them were invented in the US.

12 Chinese New Year Drinks

Collage of Chinese New Year drinks a Spring Festival about sweeping away negativity welcoming good fortune. Celebrate with one of our best Chinese New Year Drinks, which feature traditional flavors like lychee and orange.

Whether you’re entertaining for the occasion or just want to hoist a glass in celebration, we’ve got some Chinese New Year Drinks for you to enjoy.

10 Mardi Gras Drinks to get your party started

Collage of Mardi Gras drinks

There’s no better holiday for a cocktail than Mardi Gras! Whether you’re partying your way through New Orleans over the holiday or sitting at home bored, one of these Mardi Gras drinks is sure to put you in the mood for good times.

17 Tasty Mocktails and Non-alcoholic Cocktails

17 Tasty Mocktails and Non-alcoholic Cocktails

Everybody’s a non-drinker sometimes. Whether you’re the designated driver, pregnant, dieting or just not a drinker at all, you can still enjoy delicious mocktails and non-alcoholic drinks.

25 Valentine’s Day Cocktails

Closeup of Valentine's Day cocktail

What do you look for in Valentine’s Day cocktails? A romantic name or a red, pink or even violet color can add novelty to your cocktail, along with rich, delicious flavors like coffee and chocolate.

22 Super Bowl Drinks for Your Game Day Party

Green Super Bowl drink with lime garnish

The best Super Bowl drinks for your party are the ones that are fun, tasty and easy to serve in a pitcher. This makes it easy for the host to mingle with the guests instead of playing bartender the whole time.