38 Easy Irish Cream Drinks (Baileys)

B52 shot on table in front of liquor bottles

Irish cream liqueur is delicious in cocktails. Baileys is the best known brand, but many other brands like Carolan’s are also great – and they’re all slightly different. Whatever brand you like, try an Irish cream cocktail tonight from this list and you won’t be sorry.

47 Delicious Amaretto Cocktails

Amaretto cocktails in front of bottle

Amaretto liqueur tastes like sweet almond. You’ll love this list of some of the best amaretto cocktails, including the classic amaretto sour many others.

18 Refreshing Ginger Cocktail Recipes

Ginger cocktail in glass on table

When you want a refreshing spicy cocktail, ginger is it. These ginger cocktails feature ginger ingredients in many forms. A drink can get ginger flavor from ginger ale, ginger beer, fresh ginger juice or ginger liqueur. This list features a little of all of the above.

9 Delicious Sloe Gin Cocktail Recipes

Cocktail featuring sloe gin on table

These classic sloe gin cocktail recipes will help you fall in love with this fruity spirit. Treat yourself to a quality sloe gin and get ready to enjoy.