Blue Shoe Mocktail Recipe

Blue Shoe mocktails sitting on table

Unnaturally blue cocktails are always a hit. But what about the non-drinkers? I created the Blue Shoe cocktail so they too could enjoy a bright blue drink with no alcohol.

Cherry Coketail mocktail recipe

Cherry Coketail drink sitting on red placemat on table

The Cherry Coketail is a mocktail that actually tastes better than a lot of the cocktails that feature cola. It blends cherry, vanilla and a touch of lime with your choice of regular, diet or any version of cola you want.

Hurricane Mocktail

Red mocktail in a hurricane glass

The rum-based Hurricane is a fruity drink featuring passion fruit syrup and lime. This mocktail recipe replaces the rum with passion fruit and other juices.

Mockmosa (Non-Alcoholic)

Two Mockmosa drinks on silver tray

The Mockmosa is a delicious alcohol-free substitute for the traditional Mimosa. You can serve it alongside Mimosas so that guests have a choice, or it can be your tipple when you want to socialize with drinkers but not drink yourself.

Cuddles on the Beach mocktail

Cuddles on the Beach Mocktail with cocktail umbrella on table

Cuddles on the Beach is a mocktail version of Sex on the Beach, with several suggestions for tweaks. The basic idea for a no-alcohol Sex on the Beach is to remove the vodka and then replace the peach schnapps.

Bella Bellini

Overhead view of Bella Bellini cocktail in champagne flute

The Bella Bellini is a non-alcoholic mocktail take on the traditional Bellini. I replaced the prosecco with a blend of dry sparkling white grape juice, mineral water and lemon juice.