Limoncello Collins Drink Recipe

Limoncello Collins drink with lemon slices and mint sprig

The Limoncello Collins is much like the Tom Collins, but with the addition of Limoncello, a lemon liqueur. That makes the lemon flavor considerably stronger than the gin.

Crimson Cocktail: a port drink recipe

Crimson Cocktail in front of bottle of port

The Crimson Cocktail is unusually sweet for a gin-based cocktail. This recipe features gin and either lemon or lime juice, but adds to those a combined ounce of grenadine and port.

Gin Aloha Cocktail

Gin Aloha Cocktail with orange twist

The Gin Aloha Cocktail features gin, Cointreau and pineapple juice. It’s sweet and fruity, with hints of tartness. It’s also a double.

Arcadia Cocktail recipe

Bright yellow Arcadia Cocktail in rocks glass with ice

The Arcadia Cocktail boasts an unusual flavor combination: banana, grapefruit and anise. All combined with gin and its juniper-citrus notes.

Cascade Cocktail

Cascade Cocktail in front of liquor bottles

The Cascade Cocktail is an extremely sweet cocktail that tastes like blackcurrant (or raisins) with hints of grape and spice. I find it too cloyingly sweet, so I added my own variation (Recipe #2) which waters those two ingredients down with gin.

English Rose Cocktail Recipe

English Rose drink with turbinado sugar rim

The English Rose Cocktail is gorgeous as well as tasty. It contrasts the sweetness of apricot brandy and grenadine with gin, dry vermouth and lemon.