Ladies Sidecar

Ladies Sidecar drink in cocktail glass

The Ladies’ Sidecar is really similar to the Sidecar, but with reduced alcohol and more fruit juice. Personally, I prefer the regular Sidecar, but this one is nice when you want a light drink. This is a smooth cocktail in which you barely taste the alcohol. The strongest flavor here is orange, which largely overwhelms …

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Coffee Nudge Cocktail Recipe

Coffee Nudge cocktail with whipped cream

The Coffee Nudge is a fun hot coffee based cocktail. It’s ideal for rainy or cold evenings, but it goes down surprisingly well anytime a coffee sounds good.

Delta Heat {MixThatDrink Original}

Delta Heat drink with bottle of sangria

The Delta Heat cocktail is fruity and delicious, featuring notes of mango, peach and orange with honeydew. It comes out a bright cheerful chartreuse, so it’s visually interesting, too. If you’ve never tried Eppa SupraFruta White Sangria, you’re going to want to keep it on hand. It’s a white wine blended with organic grapes and …

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Grand Apple

Grand Apple drink with lemon wheel

The Grand Apple cocktail is two ounces of pure alcoholic bliss. Apple brandy and Grand Marnier are married by a touch of cognac, which brings the flavors all together. The dominant flavor is definitely the apple, but it’s more complex than that. The cognac cuts some of the sweetness from the apple brandy. The orange …

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Nantucket Cocktail

Nantucket Cocktail with lime wheel

The Nantucket Cocktail is one of those classy alternatives to a frou frou drink. It’s a little bit sweet and fruity, but never in a million years would anyone begin to think of it as a candy drink. This is one cocktail I find remarkably refreshing. The tartness of the white grapefruit and cranberry juices …

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Round Robin

Round Robin cocktail in goblet

Cocktails that use raw egg white as an ingredient aren’t very popular these days, due to concerns about eggs and salmonella. You can use egg substitute for a safe (pasteurized) alternative if you’re worried. One way or another, many of these drinks are not to be missed. The Round Robin uses egg white to add …

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R.A.F. Cocktail

R.A.F. Cocktail with lemons on cutting board

The R.A.F. Cocktail is applejack and apricot brandy, with an ounce of lemon juice to cut the sweetness. The combination of apple, apricot and lemon is refreshing – mostly sweet, but a little bit tart. This is the sort of cocktail that’s ideal for sipping. It’s fairly strong and absolutely delicious, and therefore best enjoyed …

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Velvet Hammer Drink Recipe

Velvet hammer drink against blue background with striped red and white straw

The next time you’re looking to knock yourself out but wishing it could be painless, use a Velvet Hammer. This drink packs more alcohol than you think, given its smooth, sweet, creamy taste.