Pistachio Cream

Pistachio Cream drink in champagne flute

Admit it – just the name of the Pistachio Cream drink makes you want to try it, right? If you enjoy pistachio ice cream, think of this as the adult version. This blended drink features pistachio liqueur, not a common cocktail ingredient. The dominant flavor is pistachio, but it’s really quite like amaretto, and I …

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Love Cocktail

Love Cocktail against white background

The Love Cocktail has a slightly creamy, thick texture that comes from blending raspberries and egg white with the other ingredients. The flavor here is berry with a touch of lemon. The egg white counteracts the cloying sweetness of the sloe gin somewhat, but it’s still a very sweet, fruity cocktail. It’s a terrific dessert …

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Amaretto Shake

Amaretto Shake in champagne saucer

The Amaretto Shake is just what it sounds like: an almond-chocolate milk shake, grown-up style. It’s so smooth you might not notice the two ounces of brandy. Like any blended drink, this one is great for cooling off. It’s also a delicious dessert substitute because it’s got some texture to go with the sweetness. The …

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Farmer’s Daughter

Farmer's Daughter drink in cocktail glass

The Farmer’s Daughter is a blended cocktail that tastes a bit like a banana split. It’s a combination of creme de banane, Irish cream, amaretto and cream. The recipe calls for blending with ice, but you can also blend with vanilla ice cream for an even richer taste. This is a fun, delicious cocktail, but …

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Frangelico Float

Frangelico Float drink with whipped cream

The Frangelico Float is an ice cream based cocktail. The dominant flavor is chocolate, followed by strong notes of hazelnut. This is a perfect dessert drink for obvious reasons, but it’s also great for parties. You can blend several servings’ worth and pour for a number of guests at once. The taste of the alcohol …

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Pensacola Bushwacker

Two Pensacola Bushwacker drinks in parfait glasses on railing

If you like coconut, chocolate, coffee and rum, the Pensacola Bushwacker is definitely a cocktail you need to check out. This one makes use of coconut cream.