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Candy Corn Moonshine Tutorial

This site has gotten a lot of requests to do a Candy Corn Moonshine infusion, similar to Skittles Vodka. People love it for Halloween and fall tailgating.

This recipe will also work with vodka, and with Bacardi light rum. With vodka, it will taste exactly like candy corn with a kick. If you use rum, the sweetness will be just a little bit enhanced.

With the moonshine, you get the candy flavors plus a hint of corn and grain that’s hard to describe. If you’ve tasted Ole Smoky by itself, you know what I mean. So let’s get on with the tutorial!

The ingredients are really simple. Just the moonshine and the candy corn! 

Candy Corn Moonshine infusion in flasks with labels

We used Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine and have not tried this with any other brands. For the candy corn, we used a grocery store generic and it worked well.

Bottle of moonshine next to bag of candy corn

What you’ll need for Candy Corn Moonshine:

Now, you can do the infusion right in the bottle of moonshine, but you’ll have to take out a couple of shots of moonshine to fit the candy in.

So we decided to infuse it in other containers. You can do the infusion right in your presentation flasks, although you will have to pour it out for straining and then pour it back in again. (Read on, and it will all make sense.)

You can order the same beautiful Bormioli Rocco flasks we use from Amazon. Or you could use a plain old mason jar.

You can even use a thoroughly cleaned old mayonnaise or jam jar you saved for re-use.

Step 1 – Set up the infusion

These flasks hold about 8.5 ounces. We put 35 candy corns into each of three flasks and then poured the moonshine in with them, and it came out just right.

Candy corn laying in a pile on a paper towel

If you’re working with different sized flasks, the ratio is about 5 candies per ounce of moonshine for a not-so-sweet infusion that’s great in cocktails with liqueur mixers.

If you want the infusion to be sweeter – which you probably will if you’re just going to drink it straight – you should use 6-7 candies per ounce.

If you make it too sweet, you can always dilute it with more moonshine. And that’s easier than if you make it not sweet enough, and then have to add more candy and wait for it to infuse and maybe strain it again.

Candy corn in presentation flasks

We used a funnel to pour the moonshine into the flasks – it just makes things easier and less messy.

You may also need a little dipper of some sort to get out the first few ounces because it’s not so easy to pour out of that wide mouth bottle. You could also use a spoon or any small cup.

Flask with funnel attached

And here are the flasks, with the candy corn melting into the moonshine inside.

Candy corn in flasks with moonshine

Step 2 – Shake, shake shake

The next step is to shake the infusion so the candies will break down quicker. You should give each flask a good shaking about four times over the course of the day.

Candy corn turning moonshine yellow inside flask

The next morning, they were as completely dissolved as they were going to get. The picture below shows the sediment that was left at the bottom of the flask (and a little along the sides).

There’s nothing wrong with that sediment – that’s just part of the candy, and some people will choose to just leave it in. If that’s you, then you’re done! Enjoy your Candy Corn Moonshine infusion.

But if you’d prefer to filter it out so it won’t fly up into your mouth while you’re sipping along, go on to step 3.

Gunk at bottom of flask of candy corn moonshine

Step 3 – Filter out the gunk

Strain your Candy Corn Moonshine through a coffee filter. You can use chip bag clips to clip a coffee filter to the edges of a measuring cup (or any cup with a pour spout).

Coffee filter, measuring cup and clips

We just strained it once, and it came out nicely smooth and gunk free. But it can depend on the type of coffee filter you use, so you may need to do it twice.

Coffee filter clipped to measuring cup

Tip: when you’re pouring the infusion through the coffee filter and you get toward the end, most of the sediment will be down there in your flask.

Instead of pouring the gunk through the coffee filter, just pour it out of the flask and get rid of it so you don’t have to strain that.

Emptied flask of Candy Corn Moonshine with gunk left behind

Step 4 – Pour into presentation flasks

Once it’s strained, wash out your flasks if you used them for the initial infusion. And then pour your Candy Corn Moonshine back into the flasks.

Finished flask of Candy Corn Moonshine infusion

You get this beautiful clear orange liqueur that tastes a lot like candy corn with hints of corn and grain. Now you can drink it straight or pour it with cocktails.

If you’re giving it to someone as a gift, a nice touch is to apply a chalkboard label (I used chalkboard labels) and write a little To and From message on there.

Candy Corn Moonshine infusion in glass flasks

Here it is, straight up as a shooter with some whipped cream on top:

Candy Corn Moonshine shot with whipped cream

And here it is layered on top of Creme de Banane (banana liqueur) with whipped cream, trying to recreate the look of the original candies.

Candy Corn Moonshine Infusion

Candy Corn Moonshine in a glass with whipped cream
Yield: 3 Flasks

Candy Corn Moonshine Infusion

Prep Time: 1 day
Total Time: 1 day

This Candy Corn Moonshine infusion is loads of fun, especially for tailgating and Halloween parties. This easy recipe also works with vodka or rum if you prefer.


  • Moonshine
  • Candy Corn


  1. Put 5-7 candies per ounce of moonshine in a flask or jar.
  2. Add moonshine to the flask or jar.
  3. Shake the infusion well at least four times a day.
  4. Leave for 24 hours.
  5. Strain the infusion through a coffee filter to remove gunk from the candy.
  6. Optionally chill.
  7. Serve and enjoy!

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