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6 Best Stemless Martini Glasses

The best martini glass is a stemless martini glass! This new trend in glassware is producing cocktail glasses that are just as elegant as those delicate stemmed glasses, but easier to hold and harder to break.

These glasses are perfect for martinis, Lemon Drops, Cosmos, espresso martinis and more. They’re also dishwasher safe (except for the Lysenn). And they are all lead free.

Top Picks

In a rush? Check these top picks. For more details, scroll down to our longer reviews.

Two stemless martini glasses

What to Look for

  • Style. There are too many beautiful glasses for you to have to settle for one you don’t love the look of.
  • Durability. Generally, the heavier the glass is, the harder it will be to break. Look at reviews to get an idea how well the glasses hold up over time.
  • Capacity. Note that there’s usually a discrepancy between what the manufacturer says it will hold and what customers agree it will comfortably hold. Expect it to hold about 1 ounce less than the manufacturer claims.
  • Manufacturing defects. Some otherwise great glasses may have a noticeable seam or a bump in the lip. This doesn’t bother everyone. But if it would make you unhappy, look for reviews mentioning it.
  • Lead free. Most glasses are lead free these days, so the product descriptions don’t always bother to mention it. But if they call the glass “crystal” and don’t also say it’s lead-free, you might want to research whether it has a Prop 65 warning (the required California warning about certain materials in products, including lead). All of these glasses are described as lead free by the manufacturer.

Best Stemless Martini Glasses