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6 Best Mini Fridges for Your Bar

A mini fridge or beverage cooler can be a great addition to your home bar. It can be tricky finding one that’s designed to hold beer bottles, tall cans and bottles of wine. All of the ones on this list will hold any or all of the above.

You may also want to shop for a countertop ice maker to complete your setup. Make ice right at your bar and then store it in your mini fridge.

Top Picks

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What to look for in a Bar Mini Fridge

Open mini-fridge under desk

There are a lot of options with these appliances, so you have to figure out what you want.

  • Capacity: How much do you want to store? What size will fit where you’re putting the mini-fridge? In the reviews below, I describe what both the manufacturer and reviewers say about how many cans/bottles/etc. will fit in the mini fridge.
  • Should it have a freezer? Separate freezer compartments in small fridges are pretty tiny, and many people find them a waste of space. But if you have something you know will fit in there, it might be an important feature to you.
  • Reversible door hinges: Many units let the door be installed with hinges on either side. This may or may not be useful for you. Be sure you know what side you want yours to open from if you are getting one without this feature.
  • Will it fit in your space? If you have a right space, make sure the dimensions will fit.
  • Interior light? Some mini fridges don’t have an interior light at all. This is fine in a lit room. But if you want to be able to open yours in low lighting and see what you’re doing, you’ll need one that has it.
  • How loud does it run? Most reviewer complaints are about a unit running too loud. Check reviews to make sure the one you’re looking at doesn’t get these complaints.
  • Installation type: If you want to install your mini-fridge under a cabinet, you need to make sure it’s made for that type of installation. Some are not, even if they would fit in your space.

Best Mini Fridges of 2023