Beny Moré Cocktail

The Beny Moré Cocktail is smooth and easy to love, even though it’s complex. The flavors here are ginger, orange, and something floral, but with cranberry and citrus notes. And then the lemon juice brings out a little more citrus tang. 

Beny More Cocktail with candy rim

It’s sweet but not cloying, a really fascinating alternative the next time you’re thinking about having a Lemon Drop Martini.

You can buy hibiscus syrup or make your own.

Origins of the Beny Moré Cocktail

Cocktails are more than just drinks; they’re a journey of flavors and a tribute to the creativity of mixologists. The Beny Moré Cocktail, a creation born out of respect for Cuban legend Beny Moré, exemplifies this artistic blend of ingredients.

The story of the Beny Moré Cocktail begins at the Calle Dão restaurant in New York. It was created to celebrate National Vodka Day, a fitting tribute to one of the greatest Cuban popular singers, Beny Moré. This cocktail, smooth and captivating, encapsulates the spirit of his music and life.

Honoring Beny Moré, the Cuban Icon

Beny Moré was a musical sensation, celebrated for his vibrant and soulful performances. Crafting a cocktail in his honor not only pays tribute to his legacy but also introduces enthusiasts to a taste of Cuban culture.

National Vodka Day Celebration

National Vodka Day, celebrated on October 4th, provided the perfect occasion to introduce the Beny Moré Cocktail. This day offers a splendid opportunity to indulge in this delightful creation.

Exploring the Flavor Profile

The Role of Ginger-Infused Vodka

Ginger-infused vodka is the star of the Beny Moré Cocktail. It brings a warm, spicy note to the drink, adding depth and complexity to the flavor profile.

The Citrus Symphony: Cointreau and Lemon Juice

Cointreau and lemon juice join forces to create a vibrant, citrusy symphony. The bright, zesty notes of these ingredients provide the perfect counterbalance to the ginger’s warmth.

Hibiscus Simple Syrup: A Floral Twist

Hibiscus simple syrup introduces a unique floral-berry element to the cocktail. This twist elevates the flavor, giving the Beny Moré its distinctive character.

The Art of Balancing Sweet and Sour

Creating the Beny Moré is all about finding the perfect balance between sweet and sour notes. It’s a delicate dance that results in a harmonious, delectable concoction.

Crafting the Cocktail

Gathering the Ingredients

To mix this drink, you’ll need ginger-infused vodka, Cointreau, hibiscus simple syrup, fresh lemon juice, and sour mix. These ingredients come together to create a truly remarkable drink.

Presentation and Garnishes

The Beny Moré Cocktail deserves a beautiful presentation. Rim the martini glass with lemon juice and sugar before straining the mixture into it. Garnish with flair to make every serving memorable.

Savoring the Drink

Aromatic Notes and Taste Sensations

When you savor this drink, you’ll be met with a captivating blend of ginger, citrus, and floral notes. The lemon juice adds a delightful citrus tang to the mix. It’s a sweet, yet not overly so, alternative to traditional cocktails.

Perfect Occasions for Enjoying the Cocktail

The Beny Moré Cocktail is versatile, suitable for a range of occasions. From intimate gatherings to celebratory events, it’s the perfect choice for those who appreciate fine mixology.

Customizing Your Beny Moré Experience

For those who enjoy experimenting, there’s room to customize the Beny Moré Cocktail to your preference. Adjust the sweetness or explore flavor variations to make it truly your own.

Homemade vs. Store-Bought Hibiscus Syrup

The Convenience of Store-Bought Syrup

Store-bought hibiscus syrup offers convenience, saving time and effort. It’s a quick solution for those who want to enjoy the Beny Moré without the hassle of making syrup from scratch.

Crafting Your Homemade Hibiscus Syrup

Making your own hibiscus syrup allows for a more personalized touch to your cocktail. It’s a creative endeavor that can elevate your mixology skills and impress your guests.

Choosing the Right Option

The choice between store-bought and homemade hibiscus syrup depends on your priorities. Convenience or creativity? Both options have their merits.

Pairing Suggestions and Serving Tips

This drink is a perfect match for Cuban dishes. It’s also wonderful with dessert or as an after dinner dessert drink in itself.

Glassware Choices and Garnish Ideas

Selecting the appropriate glassware and garnishes adds an aesthetic element to the cocktail. It’s the little details that make your Beny Moré Cocktail truly shine.

Beny More Cocktail with candy rim

Beny Moré Cocktail

Yield: 1 drink


  • 2 ounces ginger-infused vodka
  • 1/2 ounce cointreau
  • 1/4 ounce hibiscus simple syrup
  • 1/4 ounce fresh lemon juice
  • Juice of 2 lemon wedges
  • Splash of sour mix


  1. Muddle the two lemon wedges in a cocktail shaker.
  2. Add the ginger vodka, Cointreau, hibiscus simple syrup, lemon juice and sour mix, and shake vigorously.
  3. Rim a martini glass with lemon juice and sugar and strain the mixture into it.

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Last Updated:

June 19, 2024